Free Halloween Sweepstakes!

We have picked out a bunch of products to celebrate Halloween by giving you folks cool stuff.

Here’s how it works: come in any time between Friday 10/29 and Monday 10/31 and ask for a ticket. No purchase necessary — the ticket is free (limit one per person). We will announce winning ticket numbers here on the Orbital Games Blog and on our Instagram and Facebook on 11/04. First Place gets first pick out of the available Grand Prizes, Second Place will get second pick, etc, all the way up to place 13 (see what we did there?). Please message us at (520) 265 1669 by 11/07 if you are one of the 13 winners. We will contact you back by 11/08 to give you your pick based on your ranking.

We will also pick another 15 winners for our smaller prizes — keychains, acrylic dice, lanyards, and other fun items we are sure you will enjoy. Those will also be announced here and on our Instagram and Facebook on 11/04 and you can come pick one of the smaller prizes in person any time between 11/04 and 11/08.

Here is the prize pool for the Grand Prizes:
3 Boxes of MTG Crimson Vow Draft Boosters (one per winner)
2 My Hero Academia CCG Booster Boxes (one per winner)
1 Set of Green Enamel Metal Dice in leather pouch
1 Munchkin Gloom
1 Teddy’s Colors and Shapes (part of the Haba My First Games Series, excellent for the very youngest gamers: age 2+)
1 First Orchard (part of the Haba My First Games Series, excellent for the very youngest gamers: age 2+)
1 Star Wars Black Series Figure: The Mandalorian
1 Unlock Escape Adventures: Squeek and Sausage
1 D&D Campaign Book: “Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep”
1 Star Wars Paper Model Kit: Imperial Star Destroyer OR Imperial AT-AT
1 Star Wars 1/27 scale Plastic Model Kit: Resistance X-Wing Fighter
1 Battlestar Galactica: Starship Battles Starter Box
1 Warhammer Underworlds Two-Player Starter Set
1 Red Sonja Pint Glass 2-Pack

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