Play Magic The Gathering — Kamigawa Draft

Every Friday at 6PM at The Gathering Scene, Sierra Vista’s mocktail and coffee bar, right here in the mall with us.

Entry fee is $17, and the prize pool is one Kamigawa Set Booster pack per participant, divided among the top three players 50%/30%/20% respectively. Sign up at Orbital or click here:

Get a promo just for signing up! You get to keep the promo even if there are insufficient participants to start the event (there should be at least 6 people to play — 8 is ideal). Of course your entry fee will be refunded if the event doesn’t start.

If you haven’t already, go here to get the Magic Companion App (this will make it easier for you to get matched with players, track your progress, and get alerts when a new round starts — and the coordinator will thank you).