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Friday Night Magic

Play Magic The Gathering

Every Friday 5 to 8PM, hosted by Justin or Wesley at the store.

Entry fees vary, as we rotate through formats and sets. Details are available on our Calendar.

Get a promo just for signing up by the Thursday prior to the event! You get to keep the promo even if there are insufficient participants to start the event (there should be at least 6 people to play — 8 is ideal). Of course your entry fee will be refunded if the event doesn’t start.

If you haven’t already, go here to get the Magic Companion App (this will make it easier for you to get matched with players, track your progress, and get alerts when a new round starts — and the coordinator will thank you).

The Brothers’ War Prerelease

Join us Friday November 11 from 5PM to 8PM to play with the latest MTG set. $44.99 to enter gets you a prerelease kit containing 6 Draft Boosters to play sealed deck format with. Prize pool is one Draft Booster per participant, plus promos.

The Brothers’ War is the second part of the Phyrexian story arc. What started as a feud between Urza and Mishra has erupted into a war that affects the future of the Dominaria and the whole Multiverse. This set illustrates the escalation of the conflict, and has an artifact theme, that both gives it a retro feel, and introduces the new Prototype mechanic.

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