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Kids’ D&D

A dragon flies over a rainbow-colored cloudy background. Yellow text reads "Kids' D&D - every Sunday 3 to 5PM"

Returning by popular request: a kids’ D&D table with the ever-hilarious Ryan as DM. Travel down fantastical scenarios filled with silliness, following easy rules that don’t require any experience in the world of RPGs.

We recommend parents to guide any kids under 12 (depending on maturity and level of comprehension). Kids over 12 may attend by themselves with the understanding that the parent remain reachable in case there are any issue (whether that be in the store, in the mall, or somewhere nearby). Parents may also participate, as long as there is room at the table (we try to stick to no more than 10 characters at one time to keep turns at a manageable length).

The game will be held every Sunday from 3 to 5PM starting January 15. Weekly attendance is not necessary — the campaign will be designed so that characters can drop in and out each week if so desired.

We will keep themes kid-friendly, but expect it to be along the lines of a PG-13 movie: some potty humor, mild simulated violence, minimal blood and gore, and the occasional expletive. D&D always includes monsters, but nothing too scary: this is a fantasy world, not horror. If your kid has particular sensitivities or phobias, please speak to Ryan before the game to make sure we can accommodate.

For those not familiar with D&D or RPGs: this is a collaborative game that encourages kids to develop social and strategic skills, while also doing some simple addition and subtraction. Participants should bring a pencil (mechanical makes things easier — or bring a sharpener), a notebook or folder for their character sheet and notes, as well as a set of polyhedral dice (we sell dice sets starting at $5.99). It is also helpful if you bring a token or 1-inch miniature to represent your character — we have a wide selection of miniatures for sale starting at $4.99 (show up about 30 minutes early if you need help creating a character and picking a mini to represent it). We will have some supplies to borrow for new players, so you don’t have to buy things just to try it out.

Questions? Please text us at (520) 265 – 1669 or through Messenger, or email

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