We are always open to suggestions as to how to better serve you, so feel free to let us know if you would like to see something we currently don’t offer.

Special Orders: we are always happy to order something we don’t yet carry. Ask any of our knowledgeable staff in person, or email/call/send us a message. If we don’t generally carry the item, we will let you know if and when we can get it, and at what price, before ordering it for you.

Gaming Space: our tables are available for you to come play. The best way to make sure there will be space when you and your group want to come in is to make a reservation: we will charge $5 to reserve a 3-hour block of time, and we will convert that to $5 in store credit for you to use whenever you want. We do take walk-ins, but we cannot guarantee there will be space available at the last minute — reservations, of course, take precedence.

3D Printing: we do custom sculpting, or you may give us a file you procured elsewhere for us to print. We do both resin and filament printing.

Custom mugs, steins, coasters and more. We design fantasy and sci-fi themed items, and are happy to create something special for you. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own special mug with your D&D character on it?