Photos of all available prizes for our Halloween Sweepstakes

Since we just revealed the winning numbers, we are sure some of you want a better look at what you can pick from.

So here are pictures and brief descriptions. Feel free to ask questions!

Warhammer Underworlds is a fantastic stand-alone game in the Warhammer universe. This Two-Player set has everything for you to play a quick battle and get a taste for the lore.

This Star Wars Model Kit doesn’t need much of a description, right? (I guess except the caution that model-building and painting gets addictive).

Whether you are new to D&D or are a veteran, Critical Role’s fresh take and fun characters are truly a treat to play with. Following a campaign book like this allows new Dungeon Masters to guide their party into a universe that is already there to be played in, making it a great place to start if you are not sure about your world-building skills.

Unlock is a series of fun Escape Adventures — bring an Escape Room in your house and use your combined powers of deduction to solve riddles and puzzles and set yourselves free.

Starting as a level 1 human with no race and no class — kill, swindle, backstab, and cheat your way through hordes of monsters and the other players, and be the first character to reach level 10

These 3D puzzles are amazingly detailed, and super fun to work on with the whole family.

A fun new collectible card game (think similar to Magic The Gathering) with characters from the hit anime My Hero Academia. This is a whole booster box, 24 packs in all.

Unfortunately discontinued, this Battlestar Galactica space combat game is loads of fun, and this set has everything you need to play it. Somewhat similar to X-Wing, this game features dogfights in space and requires some strategizing to win.

Barbarian princess FTW! These two pint glasses will allow you to proudly show some OG comic nerd cred!

I mean… Metal dice with green enamel… Shiny math rocks that will be a showpiece at any game. And they come in a leather case, so they won’t be bumping around your dice bag. 🙂

Get the kids started early with tabletop gaming! And they’re educational! These are for the toddlers, rated ages 2 and up.

These are becoming very collectible! Black Series Star Wars action figures are very detailed and beautifully packaged — an excellent choice for a true fan!

We have multiple of these available, cause we know our customers. 🙂 Pretty sure we will make three of you very happy. A whole box of Innistrad Crimson Vow Draft Boosters is a pretty good prize, don’t you think?

We hope you all had fun participating in this sweepstakes! If you want text alerts for when we have giveaways and (rare) sales, ask an associate to put you on the list. We promise not to bombard you with texts — we just want to reach you and have fun!

Remember, call or text us by November 7th if you have a winning number.

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