Phyrexia All Will Be One FNM Events 02/10 and 02/17

Join us for a casual Draft event for the newest MTG set:  Phyrexia All Will Be One the next few Fridays from 5 to 8. New Phyrexia corrupts and intrigues with eye-popping showcase treatments, including Borderless Ichor Showcase cards dripping with dark corruption, horror manga–style cards, and Phyrexian language Planeswalkers!

All skill levels welcome!

Drafts are played with three Draft Boosters from which to create your deck. We will add one Set Booster per participant to the prize pool, to be split 20/30/50 for the top-three winners.

Additional prizes vary by date. See below for more details

Entry price is $24.99. Register by the Thursday before the event (you can do so over the phone, if you wish) to get an additional promo pack of your choice (we still have a few from Kamigawa Neon Dynasty, as well as Dominaria United and Brothers’ War). 

GET EXTRA PROMOS FOR SPREADING THE WORD! Share this event on social media and receive another promo pack. Just tag us @orbitalgamesaz or directly share from our pages. Or bring a friend with you and you both get Thought Vessel and a Welcome Booster from a set of your choice.

ALL SKILL LEVELS WELCOME! If you are new to MTG or need a refresher, just come on in and ask to speak to the judge, who will be glad to show you how to play. The atmosphere is always casual, and we always have participation prizes, so it’s fun for everyone. 

Here are the additional Prizes by date:

02/10: All participants receive Exalted Angel and a Promo Pack. Third through 8th get Temple of the False God. (First thru third receive the Set Boosters based on the number of participants, like we do each week).

02/17: All participants get the special Store Championship Promo, Annex Sentry. First Prize will also win Kott: Fire of Resistance, and First thru Third get Memory Deluge. 

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