Sweepstakes Results!

Here are the results of our Halloween Sweepstakes! Hope you all had fun!
Please call or text BY NOVEMBER 7th to claim your prize. Winners get their pick of items based on how they ranked, so the sooner we know who you all are, the sooner we can let everyone take their pick. Our number is (520) 265-1669


First: 9547 871

Second: 9547 914

Third: 9547 897

4th: 9547 873

5th: 9547 778

6th: 9547 729

7th: 9547 733

8th: 9547 862

9th: 9547 721

10th: 9547 815

11th: 9547 859

12th: 9547 870

13th: 9547 868

EDIT: we have now added a post with pictures and descriptions for each of the prizes, so you can go take a closer look at what you might want to get. 😀

You can find it here: https://orbitalgamesaz.com/photos-of-all-available-prizes-for-our-halloween-sweepstakes/

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