Necrons and Green Space Marines in a Play Scenario. Test Reads “Warhammer Growth League. Learn, Paint, and Play. Wednesdays 5 to 8PM

Join us 5 to 8PM on Wednesday nights starting on June 8th to play and paint Warhammer 40k. The shop will provide paints and tools, as well as terrain and table space for participants to make use of. We will also be there to help new painters and players get the hang of the hobby. Every four weeks, we will hold a Saturday tournament to test your forces and earn honors for your efforts and victories.

Loaner armies are available for those who don’t have their own yet.

Following each tournament the points level for the league will go to the next tier; the tiers are 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 and then we’ll hold a championship tournament for the top participants!

Players can participate for $5 each week, or by joining our Warhammer Club for $25 a month. Club members also get a loyalty point bonus of 25% for all Games Workshop products.

Club Memberships are available for purchase in store.

For more information and details contact us at

Ages 12 and up!